The Cologne-based French musician and composer Vincent Royer and Stuttgart-based architect and media artist Matthias Siegert have developed a live performance in between the field of music, video and architecture. Royer with his viola explores microtonal textures and sound colors in direct correspondence to the video projection. He develops his life performance while standing in a quadratic space which is defined by 4 video beamers projecting media on the floor as well as on the opposite walls.  Using minimal pictures close to plain light beams Siegert provides a visual space for Royer and his music. Each musical approach takes place in a visual different space, provided by Siegert and changed by the position of Royer. Due to the possibility to control the 4 projections individually in real time Siegert is able to create spacial impressions that directly react to the performance of Royer. The relationship between music, video and architecture becomes imperative.

Realisierung: seit 2010
Musik: Vincent Royer
Ort: Karlsruhe, Bregenz, Brüssel, Tübingen
Fotos: VON M